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    128 Pages. One of the rarest manuals from the turn of the century. Wonderful knit and crochet patterns with an extensive stitch glossary. I am certain that you will not find this one anywhere else! A beautiful assortment of shawls, as well as many other knits and crocheted items. The Utopia Books are extraordinarily rare, I have looked high and low for them, and they are very elusive.


    151 Pages. Extremely rare! I am certain you will not find this book anywhere else! Lovely assortment of knitted and crocheted articles for the entire family from a Rare WWI era Yarn Manufacturer. One of the rarest manuals there are. The Utopia manuals are very difficult to find, and if you do, they are quite pricey. This volume has a lovely assortment of WWI era crochet and knits. There is a very nice stitch glossary at the front and a huge assortment of patterns for women, including a very funny bathing suit.


    101 Pages. Yet another edtion of the extremely rare Utopia Yarn book. This edition is circa WWI. A large assortment of Women's styles, but also includes several items for men and children as well. One of the rarest series of manuals you will find. This edition has some lovely WWI era designs as well as some great hats and shawls. There are also several items for each member of the family.

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