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The Patterns of Yesterday - Formatted for Today's Knitting and Crochet Workers!

Patterns include needle and yarn recommendations - we have taken all of the guesswork out of recreating these lovely vintage patterns.

Filet Lace Chart packs include one or several 11 x 17 pattern pages and EIGHT full pages of stitch instruction to make these beautiful works of art.

Great ideas to fuel your creative passions!

One of a Kind Books
Rare Titles - a Category of their Own!

Deeply Discounted Manuals - some might be in the Evaluation Copies, some may be misprinted - ALL of them are near my costs!
A huge selection of High Quality Vintage Book Reproductions for less than $10!
Books from a wide variety of sources covering many topics. Some topics include Millinery, Beadwork, Toy Making and much more.

Asmus Bradley Company, Inc.
Chicago Ill.

Adeline Cordet
Valley Supply Company.
St. Louis, MO.

Anne Orr

Nashville, Tennessee

Anna Valeire Designs

E.C. Speuhler Co. Inc. , St. Louis MO.

Anna Wuerfel Brown
Self Published
Toledo, Ohio

Augusta Pfeuffer Designs

E.C. Speuhler Co. Inc. , St. Louis MO.

Bear Brand - Bucilla - Glossilla
Bear Brand Yarn Mfg Co.
Bucilla Mfg Co., Inc 
Glossilla Mfg. Co., Inc

              New York City

The Amalgamated Press, ltd.
London, England

Butterick Publishing Company
London and New York

Metropolitan Art Series Collection - Victorian Era

Carmela Testa & Co.
Boston, MA

Published in
Paris, France
New York, New York
Montreal, Que.

Chicago Ill.

Virginia Snow Studios
Collingbourne's Mills -Elgin, Ill.

Columbia Knitting & Crocheting Manual
Columbia Yarn Manufacturers - Philadelphia
Published by Wm H. Horstmann

Corticelli Silk Mills
Nonotuck Silk Company
Florence, MA

Dorothy Bradford
Alfred Mayer-Weisman
Boston, Ma

Emma Farnes Designs

E.C. Speuhler Co. Inc. , St. Louis MO.

Fleisher's Knitting & Crocheting Manuals
S.B. and B.W. Fleisher, Inc. - Philadelphia

Vintage Foreign Language Needlework books of all kinds.
Countries included:

Golden Fleece Yarns
R. Blankenburg Co.
Philadelphia, PA.

Heminway Silks
The H. K. H. Silk Company.
New York, N.Y.


Bag Designs by Harriet B. Davis.
Dritz-Traum Co.
New York, NY

Jenny June (aka. Mrs. Jane Cunningham Croly)

A. L. Burt, Publisher
New York, NY.

J. & P. Coats (R. I.) Inc.

Pawtucket, R.I.

George Newnes Publishers, ltd.
W.C. London, England

Lever Brothers, Inc..
Toronto, ONT Canada.

Marie Antoinette Hees
E.C. Spuehler, Publisher
St. Louis, MO.

Mary Card Crochet Company
New York, NY.
Melbourne, Australia.

Mary Fitch Collection
F.W. Woolworth Company
Boston, Ma

Minerva Yarn Co.
James Lees & Sons Co. Inc.
Bridgeport, PA

Monarch Knitting Company
Dunnville, Ontario

Needlecraft Practical Journal
Manchester School of Embroidery
Manchester and London, U.K.

Novelty Art Studios
Chicago Ill.

Paton's and Baldwin's Limited

Paton's - Alloa Scotland
J & J Baldwin - Halifax, England

The Priscilla Collection
The Priscilla Publishing Company
Boston, Ma

Richardson's Manufacturing Company
Richardson's Silk Company

Chicago and New York 

Royal Society Collection
H.E. Verran Co., New York

Sara Hadley
D.S. Bennet Publishing Company.
New York, N.Y.

Sophie T. LaCroix Collection
St. Louis Fancy Work Company
St. Louis, Mo.

The Spool Cotton Company
Clark's ONT & J.P. Coats
Chadwick's Red Heart
New York, NY

Star Needlework Journal
The American Thread Company

260 West Broadway
New York, NY

Stitches Publishing Co.

107 Grand Street
New York, NY.

The Utopia Yarn Book
Henry G. Frankenberg Co. , New York

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