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I am looking for the molds that were used for starching the crocheted 
high heel slippers wedding favors. Willing to pay,

If you have what I am looking for, click here to contact Ruth.


Seeking Crocheter to Make Clothing Items On Consignment

I have a picture of a mohair long sleeve shrug and a mohair cami that I would like to have crocheted, please contact me if you would like the job with the fees that you charge. The pattern will be provided, however sizing adjustments will be necessary. If you are interested please contact Elsie for further info.

Skillful Crocheter for Hire

I would love to crochet for others. I have been crocheting for almost 40 years. I was taught as the age of 7 with yarn, and in my early 20's, learned how to do the fine art crochet. I have many finished projects that I could send photo's in for viewing. I have created patterns, but prefer to work from a pattern. If there are people wishing to decorate their homes, then I would love to provide this service. I believe that fine art crochet is a lost art, and my stitches are tight and I am also a perfectionist, and have undone hours of work over a missed stitch. I will offer reasonable rates, and I am willing to start at any time. 

Please contact Kelly for more info.


Do you have vintage crochet pieces that have not aged gracefully? Or perhaps a family heirloom that was damaged by flood, discolored by staining, torn or just plain worn out. I have been given the contact information for a lady that does this sort of restoration work professionally. She is the only person that Heindselman's in Provo, Utah recommends to do this type of work and she has been doing it professionally for ten years. This work is not cheap - this is fine, delicate work done by a trained professional. But who can put a price on a cherished heirloom? She also will make items to order. If you would like to be in contact with her send an email to me, and I will forward her information to you.

Are you a knitter or crocheter looking to make some extra money?
Are you a historical recreationist, but lack the skills to make the garments you need to complete your costume?
Advertise here for free, and let the world know!

Please contact IvaRose Submissions to post your advertisement here.

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