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    286 Pages. If you are looking for one definitive place to study Victorian era embroidery techniques and decor - look no further, this enormous book covers it all! From a pictorial study of "South Kensington Technique" of embroidery, to template after template of embroidery designs. This is a master collection of everything Victorian. There are complete alphabets to be used for monograms - not just one or even two - but FIVE of them! There are pages and pages of gorgeous flowers, sweet little pictographs of Victorian life, birds, butterflies, charted cross stitch patterns, and even chapters on lace making and netting. This book was painstakingly restored - it took nearly a year to complete - but every page is filled with beauty. A fantastic addition to a needleworker's library!


    120 pages. A fabulous and forgotten Victorian art of Drawn Thread Work. Wonderfully detailed illustrations and many finished designs. An extremely rare volume! This is a beautiful and delicate art forming lace-like borders on everything from fine linens to lovely handkerchiefs, shawls and clothing. Also includes a segment with specimens of Spanish, Mexican, Danish, Bulgarian as well as "modern" Drawn Thread Work. Truly lovely designs!


    128 Pages. A wonderful rare title that explores the embroidery arts. The first half of the book is devoted to Ecclesiastical work and the latter half discusses decorative embroideries for home decor. Some of the topics in the Church Embroidery section include:
       Altar Linens
       Burses, Chalice Veils & Stoles
       Alter Frontals & Super Frontals
       Chasuble, Maniple and Amice
       The Cope
        Pulpit. Desk and Lectern Hangings
        and much more....

    There are many more topics in this fantastic book to explore!


    79 Pages. A wonderful resources for the creative stitcher. Includes a huge amount of illustrations and instructions in Faggoting, Cross-Stitch, Darned Net Designs, Smocking and Crewel Embroidery. This book was published as part of the Metropolitan Pamphlet Series, by the Butterick Publishing company. There is a huge amount of information for the needlework lover. Hundreds of detailed illustrations in a wide range of disciplines. If you love needlework, this book will be a huge asset to your library. Very Rare!


    154 Pages. This is by far the most wonderful Victorian era Knitting reference I have seen. It is jam packed with a wide variety of wonderful patterns that range from clothing to dolls to suspenders to child's reins and a Victorian baby bottle cover! Victorian era knitting books are a rare commodity, and this one is the cream of the crop in my opinion. The Butterick company is the parent company of the current Vogue magazine. They have been producing books of the highest quality for more than a century. This book is filled with patterns that you will not find anywhere else. For instance, I have never seen a book with a good pattern for Victorian neckties or suspenders - this book has several patterns of them! This one is a "must have" for the vintage knitter! This truly is an amazing book!


    186 Pages. An amazing Edwardian era collection of knitting instructions for laces, and beautiful period clothing. There are tons of patterns for socks and all sorts of gloves as well as many sweaters and clothing accessories. In addition to this, approximately half of the book is devoted to knitted laces, edgings and insertions. There is no denying that the Victorian Era Butterick books were exceptional. This early Edwardian Era edition holds fast to that tradition. This is a book loaded with instructions for knitted laces, edgings, doilies, socks, mittens and clothing. From mutton sleeves bicycling sweaters for ladies, golfing socks for men, infants clothing and exquisite knitting lace for the home, this collection is a wonderful sister edition of "The Art of Knitting". A must have edition from the fabulous Victorian Era Butterick series!


    144 pages. Spectacular Collection of Victorian Era Crochet Patterns with detailed instructions to make them. Hundreds of wonderful tin-type illustrations. This book is part of the Metropolitan Art Series produced in the late 1800's. A truly spectacular collection including purses, doilies, shawls, table mats, lamp shade, tam o' shanter, children's items, afghans, capes and even a beautiful horse's bridle. A wonderful addition to a Crochet Connoisseur's Library - original copies of this book sell for close to $200!


    154 Pages. If there ever was a 'Holy Grail' of tatting books - this one is it. This is an extremely rare classic in the topic of Tatting and Netting by the Butterick Company. Profusely illustrated with stunning designs, including a beautiful capelet, baby's cap, edgings plus much more. This book took me over 5 years to locate, and it was well worth the effort. I cannot stress too strongly how rare this one is! The book is divided in half, the first half is for tatting. It starts right from the beginning, the proper threading of the shuttle, how to hold it and use it to make the lovely designs. The netting section begins with instructions on making a hammock with a shuttle,  and proceeds on to making fine laces on shear net with a needle. It really is a fascinating book on the topic!


    138 Pages. Several hundred illustrations, this book is a compliation of Victorian lace styles and designs. A wealth of information for the lacemaker who wishes to recreate these designs.

    This book is part of the Metropolitan Art Series by Butterick. It is heavily illustrated with hundreds of photographs and drawings of Victorian Era Laces and edgings.

    There are a number designs and patterns in this book, however a larger amount of the examples in the back of the book do not have patterns, but they can be copied using the methods taught in the book.
    Contents include:
        Royal Battenburg Tea Cloth awarded first prize at World's Fair
        The Art of Lacemaking - ancient and modern Methods
        Materials used in modern lace making
        Fancy Braids, cords, rings and Buttons
        Stitches used in modern lacemaking
        Designs, Lace Articles, Edgings, etc.


    120 Pages. This is the fabulous and very obscure companion volume to Butterick's "Art of Modern Lace Making". An amazing collection of Victorian laces worked in every conceivable method. Not only are these laces creative and functional - they are also stunning works of art! Although there are lacemaking instructions in the appendix of this book, the focus is mainly as a pictorial dissection  of a multitude of lace styles and designs. The styles are many - there is Flemish Lace, Venetian Point Lace, Battenberg Lace, Honiton Lace, Church Laces, plus much more. The projects are often shown in use in items such as lovely fans, handkerchiefs, bridal appliques, monograms and lovely edgings. There are over 300 illustrations of stunning lace samples, and over 100 additional illustrations of the stitches used to make them. A fabulous book!


    118 Pages. This volume is the third of its kind in the Butterick Metropolitan Arts Series. Edited by the renound Lace Maker, Sara Hadley, this is a study in the beautiful Victorian era laces. There are 29 pages of needle lace making instructions, the remainder of the book is a beautifully detailed study of the lace itself, showing floral & butterfly motifs, collars, boleros, doilies, church laces, table cloths and much more. This is truly a spectacular study in hand made lace, and the beauty of this work is unlike anything to be found today!


    176 Pages. A fabulous collection of Victorian era costumes, for just about any topic you can think of! Also includes suggestions for make-ups and pigments. A goldmine for a costume designer - an amazing book!

    A wonderful collection of Victorian era costumes with advice and instructions for planning your own Masquerade Ball. Also includes instructions for party decorations and suggestions for makeups and pigments to complete the ensemble. This collection is extensive covering a huge variety of costumes and themes - hundreds of designs! The images that you see below are only a tiny portion of what you will find in here. There are Kings, Queens, Presidents (and their wives), Shakesperian characters and tons of designs for children of all ages.

    There are no "patterns" per se, but there is a paragraph on each costume describing what materials to use to make the creation. A very entertaining book to browse through - some great creations!


    152 Pages. Another fabulous title from the Butterick Metropolitan Art Series of books. Lavish illustrations and delightful examples of Victorian woodcarving for furnishings and utensils.

    From the publisher's description... "... The largest manual of the kind ever prepared for publication, containing illustrations for flat carving, Intaglio or sunk carving, carving in the round and chip carving, and also nearly 400 engravings of Modern, Renaissance, Rococo, Rocaille, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Italian Designs - all valuable as models and suggestions for decorations of the home."

    There are some stunning examples of Victorian craftsmanship in this volume. If you love to carve - or love Gothic furniture, you will love this collection! Please note that this book focuses mainly on the carving designs - while it does show lovely examples of Victorian and Gothic furnishings, it does not give patterns for making them, just how to place carvings onto them.

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