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    33 Pages.  This is the first of the series by this talented  needleartist of nearly a century ago. The techniques in this book are Filet Crochet, Venetian Lace Crochet and Irish Crochet. The designs are exquisite with lovely medallions of flowers, butterflies and laces. The pattern instructions include purses, collars, yokes, hat pins, jabots, a lamp shade, pincushions and decorations for blouses. A lovely assortment, and a very hard to find book!


    17 Pages.  This book contains a one-of-a-kind assortment of crocheted lace and counterpane afghans and lacy medallions and insertions for use in table covers. As in all AWB books, the work is a beautiful reminder of the lovely era when this work was crafted. A special feature of this book is a page containing five designs in full color worked in embossed filet crochet.


    17 Pages. You can never have too many patterns books with versatile edgings and insertions, and this book from AWB would make a fine addition to any crochet library. There are several differene techniques and styles of edgings in here, including filet crochet and design using coronation braid, as well as embossed outlining for that added flair. There are also several designs using a lovely knot stitch that must be seen. Please note that in the AWB series, the author often refers to instructions for stitches that are in other editions. We do carry all other editions except for edition number six.


    27 Pages.  A treasure trove of lovely crocheted lingerie and edgings from nearly a century ago. Some of the designs are simple, but most elaborate mixtures of techniques, including Irish Crochet, Filet Crochet and even a few in Tatting. Also included are nine hats, adorned with crocheted medallions and lacy crowns. A hard to find treasure from a wonderful time.


    20 Pages. A fascinating book of lovely crocheted and tatted novelties! Items include Blouse Cords with daisiy embellishment, two lovely collors in filet crochet, a laced Auto Boot for ladies, a pretty Bathroom Slipper, several linen items, napkin rings, and pot holders. For the bath there are towel edgings, a bath mitt and wash cloth. There is much much more to see here, all of the above items are just in the first 9 pages!


    20 Pages.  The AWB series of books contain beautiful and elaborate crocheted and tatted laces. This edition is filled with wonderful lacy yokes and collars for  lingerie from the time of WWI. There is nothing more elegant and feminie than these lovely laces, designed to adorn delicate lingerie. There are several techniques used, including filet crochet. tatting and Venetian medallions. Not only are they lovely, they are an historical art form.


    15 Pages. This is a lovely collection of crocheted and tatted items from the time of WWI. The patterns are quite lovely and very unique to this designer. There is the lovely baby jacket pictured on the cover. There are also lovely dresser linens, yokes and collers, centerpieces, a crocheted bag and two lovely infants bonnets. This book is a goldmine of small projects!

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