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102 Pages. Such an amazing assortment of Victorian era laces this rare and exciting book contains! These are the beautiful knotwork designs that were so popular as trims and edgings during the time of the Civil War. In addition to the dozens of of fancy fringes and insertions, other projects include a cravat, a fringe for a parasol, a work bag, a bag for a bathing dress, a beautiful basket for a layette, towels, window blinds and draperies. Also included are detailed instruction to make many different kinds of knots. The book is beautifully illustrated with large and impeccable drawings of the knots and finished projects.


74 Pages. This book is quite a unique find, and certainly a good study in both Point Lace and Tatting. Very different than anything you may see today, it is written as an series of letters from an aunt to her niece on the beginning steps in working tatting and point lace. Even the most basic points are covered, such as wrapping your work in a handkerchief to keep it clean. All of the basic stitches of point lace are discussed - point de bruxelles, point de venise, point d'angleterre and rosette of ditto. For tatting the instruction begins with the proper holding of the shuttle to the basic stitches and knots. The finished projects include, cuffs, handkerchief edgings, a child's dress, an infant's dress, a Vandyke collare and much more. An ancient pattern book that is both a rare and quite personal study in Victorian Lacemaking.


36 Pages. This book is an early, Civil War era book that is filled with interesting patterns on how to knit socks and stockings for infants, children and adults in a variety of sizes.  It provides instruction in several methods to make toes, turn heels and to shape the legs. The patterns are arranged by size, children's socks are grouped by age and the socks for adults are in two sizes, with extra patterns to make a gent's knickbocker or kilt hose. There are no pictures for the working of the socks and stockings, but there are several pictures and instructions to make lacey patterns  be used to make fancier stockings. A treasure trove of patterns for lovers of sock knitting!


36 Pages. A much sought-after and hard to find instruction book on the fine art of needle tatting. Very well written and well illustrated instructions, it is no wonder why the the Mdlle Riego books are so cherished by tatters and lace makers alike. The patterns include edgings, a collar in the Oriel Pattern, insertions, a collar in the Maltese pattern with cuffs to match, a fruit doily, bunch of grapes lace, an applique for a waistcoat and a mourning collar.

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